TV is theatre.


TV is a theatre company comprised of director Sarah Blush and performers Brian Bock and Georgia Lee King. Our collectively-built plays use grotesque humor to lampoon society’s contradictions, failings, and miracles. An athletic jumble of historical fact, time warp, and clown, our work intellectually interrogates the present moment through both high- and low-brow ridiculousness. We are unwilling to sacrifice neither intellectual rigor nor audience experience to delight in and wonder about our world.

We've created and produced one production per year since 2015. Our body of work includes the critically acclaimed Sehnsucht (JACK), Power Couple (Ars Nova), and My Favorite Character Was the Talking Vase (HERE).


TV is:

Director Sarah Blush

Performer Brian Bock

Performer Georgia Lee King



sehnsucht photo by sam horvath